Revív - Where Plastic Waste Finds Purpose

Transforming non-recyclable plastic waste with advanced recycling

Our planet is choking on plastic.

Of the seven billion tonnes of plastic waste generated globally, less than 10% has been recycled

Fueling the Problem: Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

500 million barrels - The annual growth in fossil fuel demand

Can we cleanse the air by purifying our oceans?

There's enough plastic waste to make 43 billion barrels of oil.

Is it possible to eradicate plastic waste. . .

and simultaneously reduce our reliance on dirty fossil fuels?

Yes, and the answer is Revív

We are committed and know how to achieve our mission.

Raw material Production


We use advanced technology to convert plastic waste into feedstock for virgin materials. Our mission is to reduce global reliance on fossil fuels while making an impactful contribution to sustainable energy production.

Sustainable Plastic Management


Our team specializes in the management and processing of plastic waste. By converting it into valuable resources, we’re taking concrete steps toward mitigating environmental pollution and driving the circular economy forward.

Emissions Reductions



Our approach to this global crisis not only reduces plastic pollution, but also harmful gas emissions. Our focus is on accelerating the shift to a cleaner, more sustainable future, effectively bridging the gap between innovation and environmental stewardship.

About Our Company

At Revív, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Our technology company focuses on converting plastic waste into clean products, reducing the dependence on dirty fossil fuels and promoting a cleaner, greener future.

Our 5 Year Goals:

Tonnes of Plastic Diverted from oceans
0 +
Barrels of Oil Replaced
0 +
Tonnes of CO2 equivalent Emissions Avoided
MWh energy Unlocked